For Gmail Users

You may have noticed that Gmail has changed the layout of your inbox. Now it has a "tabbed inbox" and will automatically filters your emails into different categories: Inbox (primary), Promotions and Social

If you or someone you know has Gmail this could be very helpful.

Messages from me will most likely end up in your Promotions tab. This can make them easy to miss. If you are not having this problem then you can keep the inbox as it is OR read below on how to get your traditional inbox back.

Below is an explanation to help with this. This is how to permanently move my emails into Inbox from Promotions.

  1. Click on "Promotion" tab. 
  2. Find one of my emails and drag it to the "Primary" tab. 
  3. A pop up will ask you "Future message from will be moved to Primary"IMPORTANT! Make sure you click "yes" when this alert pops up. This will confirm the switch. 
  4. [Optional] To get rid of the segmented tabs and go back to traditional inbox go to "Setting" tab on the top right. Click and scroll down to "Configure Inbox." Then you can choose what tabs you wish to have.

It's as easy as that! If you have any questions please me know. 

Be Well,