Together with other like-minded & supportive women, discover new & exciting ways to PRIORITIZE RADICAL SELF-CARE so you can sleep better, have more energy, relax, & get HAPPIER than you ever imagined, while still being there for obligations & loved ones.

Who IS it for?

  • Any woman that is struggling with motivation, overwhelm and exhaustion that know they need a change but just don’t know where to start or how to do it.
  • Those that want to gain clarity & confidence with food & fitness choices to get the body & glow you deserve!
  • Getting help creating new healthy habits that honor your body needs and have more energy and fun than you ever imagined! Beautifully Balance Hormones!!

Who is it NOT for?

  • Those that want to be told what to do. Self-empowerment comes from taking responsibility and committing to your health, plus surprising yourself with how amazing and courageous you are.

Potential Possible Side Effects

  • A smile on your face you can’t seem to let go of.
  • A number on the scale showing how grateful you are for your life.
  • Being the change your loved ones need to jumpstart their goals.
  • Some new bff’s you can connect with, complain with and cackle with.

What is included in the Happy Hottie Group program?

  • Six 90 Minute group wellness coaching sessions weekly ($497 Value)
  • Empowering handouts on dietary theories, mindset shifts, the perfect workout for you, and food/mood connection for a happier you. ($197 Value)
  • One Private check in call after program completion ($76 Value)
  • Happy Hottie Celebration party with amazing food and MASSAGE…ahhh (Value $130)
  • Built in support system with all the other rockstar hotties in the group (Priceless)
  • BONUS Sneak Peak of Total Wellness Cleanse ($297 Value!!!)

Total Value: $1197

Get the Awesome-Sauce Investment Deal Revealed! Contact me to book your initial Making a Decision phone session.

Buddy Style Program Deals are right NOW Please contact me to get started.


How to Get Started

Before anyone gets started in my Hottie Program I want to make sure it is the BEST fit for you. To get started just contact me  I will be in touch to confirm. I am so excited to help facilitate your transformation!

When is the program?

Upcoming Group Program

Dates TBD at New World Wellness in Kissimmee, FL. Please contact me if you are interested.

Buddy Style Program

If you have a girlfriend that is also ready to jumpsrart her health and happiness goals why not do the program together! This program is done via phone or video conference from comfort of your own home. Please contact me if you are interested.