What doesn't garlic do! This is one amazing food. It can season many foods to add flavor and so much more. It is one of biggest immune boosters out there. Want to kick a cold immediately? Eat some raw garlic! Most are not excited to do this, as you will smell like garlic! But adding it into your foods every day will keep your immune system going, and you won't be as smelly. Think of garlic as a spring cleaner for your body. The sulfurs in garlic keeps our blood pressure at good levels, lowers our cholesterol, and even lowers our triglycerides. It's antioxidants help our immune system, cardiovascular system, and decrease our bodies inflammation in our musculoskeletal and respiratory systems. And if that's not enough, it has antibacterial and antiviral benefits to keep you in tip top shape.

Great Garlic

How to Choose and Keep
It is always best to choose fresh garlic. The canned, powders and dried versions can be deficient in nutrients. Of course I always have all forms in my house and use fresh when I can. When choosing fresh garlic it is best to avoid those that are soft, sprouting, or look moldy or discolored. Store it in a cool dark place. You can keep a bulb for about a month. Always remove cloves that begin to mold to save the rest of the bulb.

To use fresh garlic, I like to cut the end off and squish with a knife or put through a garlic press. Chopping and pressing will bring out the most nutrients in the garlic. When ever cooking it is best to add the fresh garlic at the end of the cooking. This ensures the nutrients stay in the best. I also put raw garlic into lots of dips and salsas I make.

Manganese, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Selenium, Calcium, Tryptophan, Phoshorus, Vitamin B1,and Copper.

Action Steps
1. Find some fresh garlic.
2. Saute some greens and use garlic in the oil.
3. Make your own fresh salsa with tomatoes, jalapeno, garlic, onion, green pepper, vinegar, salt, and lime.