It’s that wonderful time of year for wonderful and delicious apples. Spending time going apple picking is a wonderful activity to get outdoors and have fun, while choosing the freshest and most delicious apples. There are so many apples ranging in taste and texture. Finding which one you like is very easy.

Awesome Apples

Getting your daily intake of fiber is much easier the more raw fruits and vegetables you consume. Apples are a great one! With all the pytonutrients that apples contain you can be sure to help: spikes in insulin levels, gut health, immune support, cholesterol. It is important to know that you must consume the skin of apples to get the fiber and several other key nutrients.

How to Choose and Keep
If you have a local apple farm this would be the best step. If not it is very beneficial to choose organic apples, as the pesticides of conventional apples is very high. To make sure you thoroughly clean the apples create a spray bottle solution of 1 part vinegar and 4 parts water. Spray all over the apple and then rinse under cold water.
Choose apples that are rich in color and feel firm. They will ripen faster if left out in room temperature. You can keep apples in the fridge for 3-4months! Just make sure to store in a plastic bag and make sure none of them are rotten, as it will affect the entire bunch.
To choose the flavor it is best to keep in mind: Red and Golden Delicious are the sweetest. Braeburn and Fuji apples medium tart, and Pippin, and Granny Smith very tart. The more tart the apple the better it is for baking. 

To prevent browning after cutting just place the apples in cold water with some lemon juice. Place in a blender for an applesauce, or pick your favorites to bake a pie. There are so many uses of apples. 

Fiber, Vitamin C

Action Steps
1. Choose one type of apple to consume raw
2. Buy a mixture of apples and create your own applesauce. Then find fun ways to use applesauce instead of sugar in your favorite baking recipes.