Awesome Apricots

Apricots are a small little fruit, but huge in antioxidant power. Perhaps you know about them, but have never tried them? Read below for reasons to choose apricots next time for a different kind of nutrient-packed fruit.

How to Choose and Keep
Apricot season is in full bloom from May to August, so they are a great summer snack choice. You should choose ones that are rich in color and don't have bruises or dullness. They are best left at room temperature and enjoyed a couple of days after you purchase them. If you are choosing fried apricots it is best to get organic, as commercially grown apricots have dangerous chemicals in them.

Rinse thoroughly with cold water and enjoy. Apricots are a perfect on the go snack.

vitamin c, vitamin a, copper, fiber, potassium

Action Steps
1. Enjoy sliced apricots and sliced almond in oatmeal for a sweet and filling breakfast.
2. Apricots are a great grab and go food.
3. Try adding apricots in a great pancake batter for a fun brunch.

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