If you’re angry or irritated before you put your fists up take a bite of a banana. This convenient fruit helps balance the serotonin in your brain, helping you to keep calm. They are one of the best hangover helpers too, as they have vital nutrients (B & C Vitamins as well as potassium) to stabilize the deficient and dehydrated body. The fiber, digestive enzymes and probotics in bananas will keep your digestive system regular.

Bad Ass Bananas

How to Choose and Keep
Make sure to choose ones according to when you are going to consume. The greener they are the more unripe they will be as well. To accelerate the ripening process keep them in a paper bag (an apple in with it will help ripen even faster). Take extra care when storing at room temperature, as bananas are very fragile.

You can enjoy just by peeling or even freeze the bananas. If you are freezing make sure to peel and store wrapped in plastic. Use in smoothies or even make some ice cream with frozen bananas, coconut milk, vanilla, strawberry preserves, or cacao powder. It is delicious! Let them become very ripe and make some banana bread. Oh so yummy!

Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Manganese, Fiber, Potassium

Action Steps
1. Use some ripe bananas and fresh strawberries on top of your favorite ice cream (I prefer Almond Dream vanilla).
2. Make some of that delicious banana ice cream. Click here for the recipe from my Pinterest:
3. Spread some of you favorite nut butter on a banana and enjoy as a power snack.

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