Beneficial Brown Rice

Brown rice is a great fiber-rich addition to any meal and reduces the risk of metabolic syndrome and diabetes. When you eat brown rice, you get energy, vitamins that aid in lowering cholesterol, and great taste.

How to Choose and Keep

Make sure to find rice that has been stored in a cool dry place. It is best to get raw over the easy cook styles. Store the dry rice in the fridge to keep longer for about 6 months. Once cooked, it should be consumed within 2-3 days. Brown Basmati rice is one of the forms easier to digest.

Rinse thoroughly with cold water until the water coming out of the strainer looks clear.

Manganese, selenium, phosphorous, copper, magnesium, vitamin b3

Action Steps
1. Enjoying with some black beans and steamed broccoli for a refreshing meal.
2. Make your own fried rice with cooked brown rice. Sauté with coconut oil, egg, your favorite veggies and some liquid aminos by Bragg's
3. Add cooked rice with veggies for a refreshing salad.

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