Cacao (Purest form of Chocolate)

Cacao v.s Cocoa. Your questions are finally answered. According to Navitas Naturals: "Cacao is a top source of antioxidants, and it contains an abundance of magnesium and iron. Cacao powder is a healthy alternative to conventional over-processed “cocoa” used for baking, hot chocolate, desserts and smoothies."

Complete Cacao

How to Choose and Keep

Finding a ground cacao powder that is certified organic and GMO free is your best option. I like Navita's Naturals. Make sure to store in a cool, dark and dry place.


Add a spoonful to your morning smoothie for a natural pick me up. You can also use in replacement of cocoa in any recipe. Enjoy in some hot water for some nutritious hot chocolate.


Potassium, Magnesium, Iron, and Protein

Actions Steps

1. Start adding cacao into your smoothie for your daily dose of magnesium, which is the most deficient mineral in the body in the U.S.

2. Next time you make a dessert, use cacao instead of cocoa.

3. Try at least and 80% cacao chocolate bar for a sweet indulgence.

(Resource content and picture: Navita's Naturals)