One of the most consumed beta-carotene food that pack a big antioxidant punch, they also contain a vital nutrient called polyacetylenes, a form of phytonutrients. These can help inhibit the growth of colon cancer cells. With all the Vitamin C and all other antioxidants these cool carrots will keep cancer at bay as much as they can, and help the cardiovascular system, as well as helping your eyesight.

Cool Carrots

How to Choose and Keep
When you are choosing carrots it is always best to find the ones that have the tops intact. The larger the carrot the sweeter the taste. When you are purchasing pre-washed bagged carrots make sure to check the date and consume 2 weeks. The less moisture the carrots have the longer they will keep. Store in the coolest part of the fridge in a plastic bag or in a paper towel. 

It is best to scrub carrots with a vegetable brush. Cut away any green and the ends. The more the carrots are cooked the more phytonutrients will be lost. Be careful to not overcook, as it will reduce the flavor dramatically. If you cook carrots the best way is steaming for about 5 minutes.


Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Fiber, Vitamin C, Potassium, Manganese, Vitamin B6, Molybdenum, Vitamin B3, Folate, Vitamin B1, Phosphorus, Vitamin B2, and Vitamin E

Action Steps
1. Pick some whole carrots with the tops intact and shred them. Add to salads or combine with cooked beets and raw apples.
2. Puree boiled carrots and potatoes in a blender and add herbs and spices for a delicious soup.
3. Substitute baby carrots for chips or crackers with your favorite dips.