With no calories and tons of vitamin C, celery can add a crazy variety to your diet. It's most important benefits lower inflammation, decrease blood pressure and cholesterol. It is a great snack and wonderful addition to so many dishes. It is just so crazy how many amazing ways you can add celery.

Crazy Celery


How to Choose and Keep

It is best to buy organic, as celery holds in lots of pesticides. Pick a bunch that is tight together and not splayed apart. It should look crisp and break off easily. Store in the fridge in a plastic bag or paper towel. If you are storing it cut make sure it is completely dry, as water depletes the nutrients. Make sure to wash each stalk at a time under water.


Add celery to a homemade tuna salad, to your favorite soups, and in substitution of crackers to dip in your favorite dip or hummus. 


Vitamin K, Folate, Vitamin A, Potassium, Molybdenum, Fiber, Vitamin C, Manganese, Calcium, Vitamin B2, Tryptophan, Magnesium, Vitamin B5

Actions Steps

1. Find a nice fresh organic bulk of celery

2. Use half the bulk and cut up to dip in

3. Find a wonderful soup like Chicken Barley. Add celery, garlic, bay leaves, salt, pepper, onion and carrots to water and chicken stock. Throw into a crock-pot and let it cook for 8 hours. 

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