An amazing tool for lowering diabetes risk and severity, cinnamon helps cells absorb glucose from the blood. On top of diabetes support, cinnamon also can help lower cholesterol and boost metabolism. Good reason to shake that sweet stuff on lots!

Cool Cinnamon

How to Choose and Keep

Ground cinnamon is the most flavorful. It is best to choose cinnamon that is in a glass container. It can stay in a cool dark and dry place for about 6 months. You can see if it is still fresh by smelling it. If it is still sweet smelling it is still good.

Cinnamon is great sprinkled on lots of dishes. It can give a stir-fry a nice kick of flavor, or make beans taste even better. It is wonderful to sprinkle on many desserts. Putting a cinnamon stick in hot water or tea adds a great taste.

Manganese, fiber and calcium

Action Steps
1. Get some fresh ground cinnamon and regular oatmeal. Cook oatmeal and add cinnamon and some fresh berries for an amazing breakfast.
2. Next time you roast a chicken or turkey sprinkle some cinnamon on top. You will be glad you did.
3. You can even take a ½ teaspoon daily for 40 days to help with blood sugar.

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