Likeable Limes

Just like lemons, limes are an excellent choice for daily use with their high nutrient quality and low price. Squeezing 1-2 slices in your water gives it a refreshing taste. As a source of vitamin C, limes keep your immune system strong as well.

How to Select and Store

Make sure they are firm and vibrant green. If you're going to consume them within a week, keep them at room temperature. This is the best way to get them to be their juiciest. However, limes will keep in the fridge for 2-3 weeks, if you're storing them for longer periods.


Limes should be rinsed under cold water. It is easy to transfer bacteria on the outside to the inside when you cut them open. It's easiest to cut a lime in half and then slice. Squeezing them on dishes of prepared food like salad or fish, or adding the juice to flavor liquids such as water and tea is the best mode of consumption.

Vitamin C, Folate

Action Steps
1. Enjoy a couple slices in ice cold water on a hot day.
2. Squeeze a slice of lime in a stir-fry for a nice flavor.
3. Juice your limes and put in ice cube trays. Then use in your smoothies with some greens for a great detox smoothie.