Most everyone knows the vitamin C punch oranges give you, but they might not also know that they are packed with phytonutrients. When you combine these essential nutrients with vitamin C you get an amazing amount of antioxidant and immune support. Let’s not forget the fiber. Most fruits and vegetables give you a good source of fiber to keep cholesterol down. In addition to these benefits, the sweet smell of oranges stimulate the nervous system to get you happier and chill out, an effective tool for most busy folks today.

Outrageous Oranges

How to Choose and Keep
You do not have to choose the brightest color orange you find to get a ripe and delicious one. Some of the very bright ones have been injected with artificial dyes. The only thing to watch out for is soft spots and mold. It is best to buy organic, as oranges are on the top of the list of foods that have the highest amount of pesticides. The heavier and smaller the orange the more juice you will get out of it. You can store oranges either on the counter or in the fridge loose. No bag. It best to consume within 2 weeks.

Oranges are enjoyed quite easily buy just peeling and eating. Other options are orange juice, orange zest for recipes, and even orange popsicles. Make sure what ever you are doing to wash the outside of the orange first.

Vitamin C, Fiber, Folate, Vitamin B1, Potassium, Vitamin A, and Calcium

Action Steps
1. Find some of your favorite organic oranges, or local if you live in a warm climate where they are produced, and keep a few for snacks throughout the day. Just throw one in your car or purse.
2. Zest one of the orange peels and use in a recipe. I like sautéing chicken and then using my favorite Asian sauce. After browning the chicken add the sauce and simmer for 10-20 minutes. Add the zest in about the last 5 minutes.
3. Make your own orange juice. You will need 4 oranges. Smack each orange on the counter. Cut each on in half and squeeze out the juice. Use a mesh strainer if you do not want a lot of pulp or the seeds. If you want a lot of pulp squeeze through a bigger holed strainer. Add a bit of water or stevia sweetener if you want.