Perfect Peanuts

With a high protein content and an affordable price, peanuts are a great choice to help curb cravings and give you an energy lift. Plus, their healthy fats and antioxidants give you the nutritious needed for vitality.

How to Choose and Keep
You can choose shelled or un-shelled peanuts. Un-shelled peanuts should be free of cracks and softness. If you get shelled peanuts, make sure they are kept in a dry place and check for moisture. Shelled peanuts will keep best in the fridge for up to about a year.

Just grab and go. It's that easy.

copper, manganese, vitamin b3, molybdenum, folate, biotin, vitamin e, phosphorous, vitamin b1, protein

Action Steps
1. Enjoy as a quick pick me up to stabilize blood sugar and hunger.
2. Try a creak barley vegetable soup in your slow cooker.
3. Add cooked hulled barley with veggies for a refreshing salad.

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