A great sweet fruit that helps with iron absorption, and the dried version (prunes) can get the digestive system moving. Plums and prunes have also been shown to help balance blood sugar, lower cholesterol and protect the intestines.

Perfect Plums

How to Choose and Keep

Choose plums that are slightly soft and yet firm and have a rich color. Ripen on counter and store in fridge for a few days. Prunes should be plump and shinny. Store in airtight container in cool dry container for a couple weeks or keep in the fridge for 6 months.


Best way to eat plums is to enjoy at room temperature. Prunes can be sliced up in a home-made trail mix.


Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Copper, Fiber, Potassium.

Action Steps

1. Have prunes handy in your fridge for whenever you need to digestive boost.

2. Enjoy some plums as a mid-day snack.

3. Make that home-made trail mix