If you have any inflammation in the body you should be consuming turmeric daily. It is one of the best spices to help reduce inflammation and reducing the discomfort of arthritis. According to UCLA researchers turmeric can actually prevent certain types of cancer as well, especially head and neck cancers.

Terrific Turmeric

How to Choose and Keep
Turmeric is generally found as a powder. Make sure it is in a glass jar and store in a cool dark place.

Please be careful when cooking with turmeric, as it stains clothes easily. Great ways to use turmeric is in curries. If you do not want to try out curries you can use the spice in a stir-fry. Turmeric in egg salad also adds flavor and nutrient content. Try sautéed cauliflower rubbed with turmeric with some olive oil, salt and pepper for an amazing healthy dish.

Manganese, Iron, Vitamin B6, Fiber, and Potassium

Action Steps
1. Grab some turmeric and add whenever you can to dishes.
2. Try out the egg salad or cauliflower recipes.
3. Head to your favorite Indian restaurant and get a turmeric treat with almost any dish.

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