Iā€™m excited to be with you at Wise Working Women!

A Few Things to REmember (SEE BELOW FOR CHANGES)..

  • Registration and Mingle Time is 10:00am-10:30am. Please plan to arrive no later than 10:30am (to honor the container for circle we will lock the doors with no admission in after 10:30am).

  • The circle now ends at 1:00pm. Please plan ahead to stay with us till the end to honor the space and the women. If you are not able to commit to stay until 1:00pm I encourage you to plan for a future circle (your ticket is transferrable to another date. Contact Tracy if you need to reschedule).

  • Tea, Water, and CHOCOLATE is provided! There is now Lunch provided. Let me know asap if you have food issues.

  • Wear whatever clothes you feel comfortable in. This is networking with a spiritual twist, so be 100% you!

  • Any questions or emergencies that arise please feel free to contact Tracy at 607-760-9065

royal mirage wise working women.jpg

Our New Location is Royal Mirage Spa, 11951 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32821


After our gathering feel free to experience services at a huge discount. Services start at 12:30 and most are all 30 minutes.

  • Aquafitness ($50)

  • Siberian Spa ($60)

  • HaloBed ($35)

  • Halochamber ($25)

  • Facial ($60)

To learn more about these services visit the website: royalmiragespa.com

I cannot wait to be with you in circle my business woman goddess!