5 Foods For Your Liver and Livelihood

According to Andrea Nakayama of Replenish and Holistic m. Nutrition Lab: "Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is one of the most common liver conditions around the globe. It most affects those who are obese and/or have Type II Diabetes or insulin resistance. Yet the person with a fatty liver doesn't need to appear to be overweight."

Tracy's Tip: 5 Foods For Your Liver and Livelihood

The liver does a HUGE job for our bodies everyday. It's functions include:

- Bile conductor (helps you digest fats)

- Processes all nutrients

- Balances hormones

- Metabolizes carbohydrates 

- Filters your blood of toxins

With that being said, our liver is something we should ALL take care of. Studies are showing more and more that the foods we are eating are doing as much damage to this vital organ as a excessive alcoholic. So, it doesn't matter if your "poison" is whiskey or a cupcake, both are taxing to your liver. 

As Nakayama states: "Caring for your liver requires some key components including: 

- Boosting vegetable and low-glycemic fruit intake.

- Increasing fiber and decreasing refined carbohydrate consumption. 

Below are my TOP FIVE Foods to support and cleanse the liver (For even more information check out my grocery shopping blog to see how to shop for, store and eat these foods):

1. Cilantro

This food is fantastic for so many reasons, but mostly it helps to pull heavy metals out of the body. 

Eat it Up: Try in your favorite guacamole. Don't like the taste? Then throw a handful into a smoothie to still get the super benefits. 

2. Onions

These are the "sponge" of foods. Onions have the ability to suck up all the yucky toxins in your liver. Don't believe me? Put an onion by a stinky pair of shoes over night. In the morning smell that bad boy. It prolly stinks just like those icky sneaks. 

Eat it Up: With this food being so versatile, it should be easy to eat onions every day. I love to sauté and eat them raw. 

3. Garlic

This food may leave you smelling just like it. If it has the ability to come out your pores just imagine all the cleaning it's doing in your body though. 

Eat it Up: Again, garlic is so versatile, and used in so many foods it's doesn't require you to get creative. Sauté or eat raw every chance you get. 

4. Red Peppers

The color of the pepper actually does mean something. The red color contains vital nutrients to the body hat support you liver function. 

Eat it up: I love to slice up a red pepper and use to dip into some roasted red pepper hummus for a snack. Adding to your favorite stir fry is another way to truly enjoy red peppers. 

5. Grapefruit (preferably red/pink)

This is my FAVORITE citrus food. The darker the color of the grape hurt the more liver supporting nutrients. It makes for a great snack, especially on a hot day. 

Eat it Up: Either slice in half and enjoy with a spoon, or cut up slices and put in your water for a refreshing drink on a hot day. I like to add a little mint in the water too ;)


Eating these foods throughout the week or some, like cilantro, onions and garlic daily, can truly help heal and support your liver and your life. 

And no need to worry. Nakayama states: "For most of us (and unless disease state is quite progressed), the liver is wildly regenerative. It heals better than most organs in the body"!

Take it into Action:
Good news for all to hear! Which foods are you going to commit to eating this week? Any fun recipe you want to share with all? Post here or come on over to my facebook page and let me know! 

(Resources: Andrea Nakayama, Picture: precisonutrion.com)


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