5 Foods That Act Like Drugs

Tracy's Tip: 5 Foods that act like drugs

Did you know that the foods you eat could be causing reactions in the body similar to strong and powerful drugs on the market?!? Did you know many of these we feed our kids on a daily basis!? Yikes. Check out which 5 foods these are AND what to try instead.

Food #1 Sugar

This is the biggest one known. Sugar is 8x more addictive that cocaine! It is also hidden in many foods and drinks. This little white stuff has a huge impact on the body.

Try Instead: Wean off of sugar with berries as food and infuse into water for a sweet drink. Eat more protein to help with the sugar cravings (see below for healthy protein sources).

Food #2 Wheat

There is a protein in wheat that has been found to have an opiate activity. Wheat in this country is heavy processed, genetically modified and dangerous to your gut health as well.

Try Instead: Wheat is a form of gluten. Easiest way is just try some many gluten free options. Make sure they are still healthy and have organic corn in them. I prefer items that do not have soy for women.

Food #3 Dairy

Americans over consume dairy in this country, especially cheese. According to Mind Body Green "the desire for cheese can be blocked by the same medicines used to reverse drug overdose in emergency rooms."

Try Instead: There are many dairy alternatives out there now. I prefer Almond Milk. Many types out there also have a toxin in them called carrageenan. Try Whole Foods 365 or Wegman's brand.

Food #4 Meat

The blood in meat have been studied to block opiate receptors. In addition to the hormones, antibiotics, heavy metals and other awful stuff many meats have in them we are decreasing our ph of our body. 

Try Instead: Plant based protein sources are tempeh, beans, eggs (organic), leafy greens, and some nuts. If you still want to eat meat PLEASE buy organic.

Food #5 Artificial Sweeteners

Most people think "sugar free" is the best alternative to regular sugar. Unfortunately artificial sweeteners are even worse than regular sugar. They make you crave the sweet stuff even more than regular sugar. Cravings for sugar and artificial sweeteners can even be stronger cravings than street drugs and pain killers.

Try Instead: Coconut Nectar is my favorite. Check out this blog for many Paleo (naturally sugar free) recipes. Stevia is also another option. Several Stevia brands have dangerous additives in it, so please check out the brand Sweet Leaf. You can also try berries ;)

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(Resource: Mindbodygreen.com, Picture: theguardian.com)


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