Tracy's Tip: 5 Happiness Hijacking Triggers

Today our freedom gives us the power of choice. With this power, we can make choices to feel happy and thrive, or feel trapped and miserable. Certain choices we make can actually hijack our happiness. By eliminating these triggers as much as possible, we can choose to take back our happiness. Below are 5 triggers I recommend avoiding.

1. Gluten
Especially American-grown gluten, as it is heavily processed. Gluten irritates our guts causing an inflammatory response, which then sends a message to the brain "I don't feel good." In turn, we start to feel those not-so-good emotions. According to Dr. Kelly Brogran: "Gluten consumption has been linked to depression, seizures, headaches, anxiety, nerve damage, and ADHD-like symptoms."

2. Dairy
This is a hard one for many people because dairy actually has an opiate-like-high quality that makes us want it. The protein Casein in dairy is the culprit, not lactose. Casein has been shown to increase anxiety and depression.

3. Happiness-Sucking People
Just being around someone negative can influence your own mood. Creating a protective bubble around yourself when you spend time with these people can help you to stay grounded. Fill yourself daily with "Happiness-Enhancing People" to fuel up.

4. Sugar
We all love sugar. Why wouldn't we? It is 5 times more addictive than cocaine. "The average American eats a staggering 164 pounds of sugar per year," Dr. Brogran states. The crash after the sugar high, unfortunately, is a mixture of hormone imbalance, spiked inflammation. and brain starvation! And artificial sugars are not much better, as they imbalance hormones and the healthy bacteria in your gut.

5. Inconsistent Sleep Schedule
When we fall asleep and wake at different times we throw our circadian rhythm off every single day. When our sleep/wake cycle is off so is our stress hormone cortisol, which regulates our energy and our stress resilience. When our cortisol is low we also feel low.

(Resource: Kelly Brogan MD)