5 Steps to All Day Energy

When you're tired it makes the day drag on. When you're tired it makes it hard to enjoy your day. When you're tired you just feel like crap. When you're tired you're just waiting to get to your bed.

Tracy's Tip: 5 Steps For All-Day Energy


1. Drink at Least 8 glasses of Water a day
We hear this all the time, but I NEED to say how important this is. When we get tired or start to crave things like sugar we are generally dehydrated. One glass of water and you might realize you have more energy without reaching for that cup of coffee. Add lemon to it to boost your alkalinity and take care of your gut.

2. Create a consistent Sleep Schedule
When we go to bed and wake up at different times alot we begin to disrupt or circadian rhythm that helps keep us "regular" when it comes to a proper rest cycle. We NEED our sleep to heal our bodies and mind. 7-8 hours is generally best for most people. If you get less than that several systems (especially your muscular system) will not get time to heal. Ever wake up sore and achy? Could be you never got through that cycle of sleep to heal your muscles and joints.

3. Get Your Protein and Greens for Breakfast
Most of clients have found greens and proteins are their "High Energy Foods." A quick step is to make a smoothie with frozen berries, unsweetened almond milk, and a good greens and protein powder. I like Arbonne, ask me more how you can get these supplies at 20% discount!!

4. Opt out for the sugary snack
Try eating some protein and drinking a glass of water before reaching for that candy bar. If you indulge in sugar all you are doing is setting yourself up for a crash later. I always keep almonds in my purse and a K.I.N.D Bar or Arbonne Protein bar.

5. Laugh
We go through so many days without even smiling, with our stress through the roof. Laughing has been studied to help reduce depression, anxiety, weight and many health concerns. When our bodies are in a more stable alkaline environment it can function better. When you get stressed or tired find a funny baby video on you tube or whatever makes you laugh. I personally love "I Love Lucy."

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