5 Steps to Feel Grounded

With so much going on in life it's common to feel off balance. To return to harmony, find ways to root yourself and feel grounded in daily living. This helps you to manage stress, allow your body to function in homeostasis, and attract what you want.

Tree pose is an excellent asana for grounding, whether indoors or outside.

Tree pose is an excellent asana for grounding, whether indoors or outside.

Tracy's Tip: 5 Steps to Feel Grounded

  1. Get "in" the ground. "Earthing" is an actual exercise to root yourself in the earth. Walking barefoot on the earth as often and for as long as you can connects you to the magnetic energy the earth itself functions on. This bond enhances the feeling of peace and safety.

  2. Get a Salt Lamp and place it by your electronic devices in your home. Salt lamps are calming to the body and also pull the negative electric energy out of the room, so you don't absorb it. Also, do NOT sleep next to your phone.

  3. Try a grounding and balancing yoga pose like Tree Pose to feel yourself connecting to the earth.

  4. Rise and fall asleep with the sun. This way you sync with the earth's cycle. Try to get some early morning sunshine when you wake for some Vitamin D and energy. Later in the afternoon, the sun's rays are too dangerous to sit out in without sunblock, but early morning sun is an excellent time to get your sun nutrients. Bask in the glow of the moon when it is Full can also help to ground.

  5. Use grounding essential oils like Frankincense, Cypress, Vetiver, Sandalwood, and Cedarwood. "Balance" is a fantastic grounding blend from doTERRA. Place a drop of oil on each foot at bedtime, Place one drop on wrists and inhale, and also try a nice bath with three drops of a grounding oil.

(Resource: Chopra.com)