5 Steps To Get Happy

Your Happiness in Determined By:   
50% Genetic-  10% Circumstances-  40% Thoughts & Behaviors!!
This means you have 40% control over your own happiness. That is pretty powerful!

Tracy's Tip: 5 Steps to Get Happy

This is a snippet from one of my most popular lectures: Happy Hottie Hormone Helpers.

Become a Happy Hottie

Step #1
Limit “Energy Sucker” people in your life. Those people that drain or take advantage of you. Spend more time with “Energy Boosters.”

Step #2
Start a Food/Mood Journal and Nurture your Gut (second brain)
- Chart when and what you eat, and energy/mood level from 1-5 (5 being blissed out)
- Chart energy/mood level after you eat.
- Chart energy/mood level 1hour after you eat.
-Start to eat fermented/high enzyme foods before you eat to ease bloat and increase absorption. I like RAW sauerkraut, bitters, apple cider vinegar mixture.

Step #3
Clean out toxic items in your food, beauty and cleaning products
10 Most toxic chemical in Beauty Care/Cleaning Products
1. Gluten
2. Parabens
3. Phthalates (reproductive system) Type 3 Plastic
(causing allergies and sensitivities in adults)
4. Triclosan (anti-microbial) (disrupt thyroid),
5. Sodium Laureth Sulfate (detergent) (neurotoxin)
6. FD&Color and Pigments
7. Hair Dyes (coal tar in black dyes worst, DMDM Hydantoin cause immune issues, Formaldehyde, Phenyl Methyl pryrazolone comes from coal tar)
8. Fragrances
9. BHA (BHT) live damage and thyroid damage
10. Benzalkonium Chloride (causes irritation for ezcema and psorasis) found in hand sanitizers and wet wipes) Oxybenzone (sunscreen)

Step #4
Start a daily Gratitude Practice
-Write down at least one thing you are grateful each night before you fall asleep.

Step #5
Schedule in Self-Care Every WEEK (i.e. yoga, massage, baths, etc). No exceptions! 
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Which step are you committing to starting this week?