5 Steps To Live A Happier Life

Studies show that love, empathy and gratitude are as good to your health as leafy green vegetables and beets. I hear more and more people say they just want to be happy and healthy, but don't practice many steps to get there. Just like starting to eat healthy takes practice, so does getting happy. The cool thing is that the brain responds to positive thoughts that actually send messages to your physical cells to become healthier. So becoming happier can make you healthier.

Tracy's Tip: 5 Steps to start living a happier life!

1. Step Back
It is always best to take a step back and gain some perspective before you react. It's about Responding over Reacting. How can you take back your control?

2. Feel 100%
If you're feeling like crap. Let yourself feel it and process it and then LET IT GO. When we get disappointed that we are having a down day we don't realize how much more efficiently and quickly you could release the feeling if you just let yourself feel it. And LAUGH ALOT!

3. Live without Expectations
It is always about just being present. When you hold onto the past then you create a future based on your past, expecting it to be something. How can you tune your focus to the present moment and BE OK with each breath you take?

4. Self-Care
Non-negotiable. This is a must. What helps your nurture your body, mind and soul? Whether it is 10 minutes each day or taking a spa day, self-care is a must to tune into your inner happiness.

5. Be Happy over being Right
Ask yourself if winning the argument or making sure someone understands what they did to you is more important than just being content and happy.

(Resource: Mindbody.com)

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