5 Steps to Overcome Excuses

Have you ever made a plan to start going to the gym or yoga class? Start eating healthier? Finally take time for yourself and get a massage? And then the thoughts start racing?

Tracy's Tip: 5 Steps to Overcome Excuses

Thoughts like...

  • I don't have enough....time, money, etc.
  • I'm too....old, fat, young, tired, busy, etc.
  • I'm not...good enough, smart enough, skinny enough, funny enough, brave enough, etc.

This is actually a GOOD thing! The reason being, it is a indicator that you CAN change. It is your awareness. That's the first step right? You've heard this many times before, that awareness is the first step. But what to do now???

These thoughts are just helping to keep you safe. Change can be scary. Super Duper Scary! There is a container you must hold the space for when you are going through change work. Creating your personal safety container is key to lasting change.

5 Steps to Overcome Excuses

1. Envision

Envision it first. Start envisioning you following through with your task at hand each and every day. Check in with the future version of you already getting what you desire. Maybe that future version could help you with how you feel. Because how you want to feel will help you align with the tasks you want to accomplish. Our minds can focus on a feeling alot easier than a to do list. 

2. Support

Make sure you have at least 4 people that you can count on, and keep in touch with them consistently. When you're having an "off" day get some support. Have a friend text you everyday to keep you on track. Make these 4 people your allies on your mission of transformation.

3. Start Small

If you want to start eating healthy but you are on a budget then start just incorporating one healthy food and eliminate one food you know isn't serving you. An example would be for one week spend your money on buying organic spinach and buy one less coffee. Instead drink more water and try some black or green tea. One Starbucks latte costs the same as an entire dozen organic eggs.

Want to start exercising. Commit to getting to one class within a 2 week period. If you feel great after class you will want to come back. You will see where time is available in your schedule. We always make the time for what we WANT.

4. Track your Progress

Sometimes we don't see how far we've come until we see where we started. Tracking your progress weekly, monthly, quarterly can help to ground you in your "new normal" and appreciate how far you really have come.

5. Celebrate

Yes. Have fun! When you overcome a common excuse you have do something NICE for YOURSELF. Go get that massage. Light some candles and take a bath. Go out with friends. Reward yourself with please so your brain gets the message that the choice you made to overcome that excuse feels really really good. Then your brain WANTS to make that decision again. It's all about pleasure.

Which Excuse is your go to? Is it with a specific task? When are you starting to implement these steps into your life?