5 Stress Relief Drinks

Tea is my favorite drink of choice, especially to help chill out. Below I list my Top Five Teas to help you chill out and relax. My favorite company is Traditional Medicinals Tea. They are organic and top quality. You do get what you pay for with tea. This company rocks!

Tracy's Treat: 5 Stress Relief Drinks

1. Chamomile

This tea has a soft taste and can be mixed with many other teas to add flavor. I like using with Ginger or Peppermint. Enjoy whenever you're stressed or need help sleeping.

2. Ginger
Great option for post dinner, especially if you struggle with bloat or gas. This tea soothes the belly, and helps calm the mind

3. Lavender
This is your tea of choice if you struggle with anxiety and/or constant thoughts. Enjoy anytime, but best at bedtime.

4. Lemon Balm
Mild taste with a hint if citrus. Also can aid in digestive issues.

5. Relaxation Sampler
Great Sampler of all the teas that Traditional Medicinals offers for need of stress relief and sleep aid.

(Resource: Traditional Medicinals Photos: healthnaturalproducts.com)

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