5 Most Toxic Household Products

Ingredients that disrupt your hormones are a neurotoxin and carcinogens. If you are a woman struggling with hormone issues these ingredients could be disrupting your estrogen levels.
Most of these are already banned in Europe!!

Tracy's Tip: 5 Most Toxic Household Products

1. Parabens
What it is: Added to beauty products as preservatives 
Where it is found: Skincare, lotions, makeup, hair products, & body washes 

2. Phalates "Fragrance"
What it is: Make plastic soft and pliable 
Where it is found: Lotions, deodorants & food storage 

3. Sodium lauryl sulfate & Sodium laureth sulfate
What it is: Detergent and Foaming Agent
Where it is found: Toothpaste (fluoride also disrupts your thyroid in dental care products and tap water), soaps, bath salts, & body washes.

4. Triclosan 
What it is: Antibacterial agent when mixed with tap water is carcinogenic.
Where is it found:  Pump Soaps & Dish Soaps 

5. Oxybenzone
What it is: Absorbs Ultraviolet Light
Where it is found: Many traditional sunblocks

Some of my favorite companies that are clean: Dessert Essence, Alima Pure Makeup, Jane Iredale Makeup, Dr. Bronners Soap, Natures Gate, MyChelle Skincare and Sunblock, DermaE Skincare, Arbonne Skincare and Makeup, and Alba Botanica, Kiss my Face and Coconut Oil Sunblocks (uses other ingredients to protect against UVB/UVA).

(Resource: Foodbabe.com and Laraadler.com)

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