Detox Smoothie

Now that you have eliminated those toxic people from your life, let's eliminate those toxic chemicals from your body! Try this Detox Smoothie to help give your more energy, less weight, clear thinking and better mood!

Tracy's Treat: Detox Smoothie

What you need:
1. Blender
2. Cacao Powder (I recommend Navitas)*
3. Gogi Berry Powder (I recommend Navitas)*
4. Maca Powder (I recommend Navitas)*
5. Chlorella Powder OR Spirulina Powder*
6. Plant based Protein Powder with Fiber*
(I recommend Nutiva Hemp Protein Hi Fiber OR Arbonne Essential Protein Powder)
7. Frozen fruit (I recommend blueberries)
8. Non-dairy Milk (I recommend either Coconut, or Almond without "Carrageenan" in it)
9. Optional: For an extra kick add some 100% Cranberry Juice (I recommend Knudsen Cranberry Juice)

*For an easier travel powder I recommend Vega One all in one powder from a local health food store or Vitacost discount online store. It has a lot of the nutrients that these powders have, but a bit easier to travel with. I also love Arbonne Essential Protein Powder. Plus I can get your 20% off anything from Arbonne.

1. Add 1 cup frozen fruit
2. Add 1 cup milk
3. Optional Add ¼ cup cranberry juice
4. Add one scoop of protein powder
5. Add 1 teaspoon of Caco, Gogi, and Maca powders
6. Add recommend dose of chlorella or spirulina powder.
7. Blend and enjoy!


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