Tracy's Tip: 5 Bloat Free Options for Common Summer Foods

With summer picnics in full force, we can sometimes get stuck with more "heavy" or carb loaded food options. Below I show you how to naturally replace certain carb options out there to feel lighter and full this summer with high-quality gluten-free options.

Tracy's Tip: 5 Bloat Free Options for Common Summer Foods

1. Replace Bread
Try replacing your burger bun with large romaine lettuce leaves. Or, if you want a bread kind of feel, enjoy paleo style bread selections made with coconut flour or almond flour.

2. Use Quinoa in place of any recipe that calls for Rice
This way you get a fiber and protein rich swap without the bloat.

3. Add Teff flour 
Adding in this flour to your baked goods like brownies and cookies adds more nutritional value to your meal without losing the taste.

4. Take Digestive Enzymes or Essential Oils
Try a full spectrum enzyme before you eat to keep the bloat away, or even rub essential oils like Ginger and Peppermint in a clockwise motion on your belly after you eat. There is an amazing blend from doTERRA that I love called digestzen.

5. Chew More, Drink Less
Make sure to thoroughly chew grains, as this could be the main reason you are bloated. Our saliva contains enzymes needed to break down grains. Simply chewing more can help keep the bloat away. Drinking liquids (especially cold liquids) disrupts your digestive system from doing what it is meant to do, break down the food. Every time we put colder liquids down our mouth while we eat is also every time our digestive system has to reset and fire back up. Sometimes it can't catch up with this and in turn, we get bloated.