The Treat of Tuna

Tuna is high in vitamin B6, which helps your body make melatonin – the sleep hormone. Enjoy with some pretzels, corn chips, or crackers – foods high in glycemic index – to help your insulin levels be in a nice range to make falling and staying asleep easier. Make sure to get a clean form of tuna and GMO-free crackers, pretzels or corn.

Tracy's Treat: Tuna Salad

Ingredients: - 2 Cans organic tuna salad
- 1 extra large hard boiled egg
- About 3 tablespoons organic mayo
- 1 shaved (or chopped) carrot
- 2 stalks chopped celery
- Chopped 1/2 small red onion
- 1 teaspoons dill weed
- salt and pepper to taste

Directions: Mix Ingredients together. Add more mayo, dill, salt, and pepper as needed for right texture and taste. ENJOY!